Amy Monea & Angie Payne

Amy Monea & Angie Payne

Afternoon Speakers


From “I Quit” to Unlimited Potential


We will spend 45 minutes exploring the parts of you that can pick yourself up when it gets freakin’ hard!

Amy and Angie will take you through a process that will support you in identifying your secret superpowers as a leader in your work and beyond. No two of us are the same, nor should our pathway to success be defined by another. As much as we need to keep healthy boundaries between work and our personal or family life, YOU are your business. Gain clarity on who you are so you can better show up and rock your work!

About Amy & Angie:

Amy Monea and Angie Payne are both Certified Equine Gestalt Coaches who often join forces to offer healing and growth opportunities for youth dealing with mental health issues, professionals navigating burn out, corporate teams and those impacted by trauma.

They often partner with horses who are masters of unapologetic, authentic and congruent communication.  Horses will call bullshit when we are trying to fool ourselves with who we think we “should” be.

Amy brings her training and experience in the field of mental health and Angie brings 20 plus years of experience in corporate Calgary along with her passion for relational horsemanship.

When these to join forces, you can anticipate a few laughs, maybe some tears and a deeper self-compassion and sense of who you are.


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