Jan and Erin Johnson

Jan and Erin Johnson

Keynote Speakers

Awaken The Trailblazer In You

Gutsy and determined, this mother and daughter duo will share:

  • What kind of pioneering spirit women need in their lives today;
  • Their personal story of how they built a business together;
  • A hands-on exercise for identifying your two main Trailblazer Traits;
  • ‘How to’ leverage your 2 Trailblazer Traits into a dynamic path you can integrate into what you are currently doing.

Jan and Erin bring a lively, down-to-earth, energizing blend of authenticity and practical wisdom to the audiences they present to. Their aim… to awaken a Trailblazing spirit in the minds and hearts of the women they meet. Their purpose…  to help women discover new territory so they can stake a claim to a life and/or business that makes them feel gutsy, passionate, and unstoppable!

Jan and Erin Johnson have been in business together since 2000. Idea women and designers at the core, through their business, Prairie Girl Outpost, they have developed:

1) The Createbook Process™ – a discovery tool for mapping out your best life;

2) Co-developed ‘Trailblazer on Fire’ – an international equine assisted learning program for women, with 16 facilitators around the world;

3) Authored 2 books – The Field Guide for Trailblazing Women and Becoming a Trailblazer – Discover Your Unique Greatness and Craft a Remarkable Life With the Createbook Process™;

and 4) numerous workshops and assessment tools.

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