Larae Pierson

Larae Pierson

Leadership Coach

A Kick-Butt Team: Ask Better, Lead Better

The question that never gets asked – never gets answered.

Have you ever been super passionate about a sport or your job, and ended up losing that fire because of the atmosphere you were in? Ever been on a canoe where you and your partner were rowing in different directions and you ended up spinning in circles? Did you know on average businesses are losing up to $1000/employee/month due to a lack of engagement?

If you’re ready for hands-on tools that you can implement within your team whether there are 3 or 33 of you, you’re in the right place! Get your team rowing in the same direction – learn about building trust, commitment and accountability within your team in this fun, interactive workshop!

About Larae:

Larae Pierson is a dynamo, Coach and Facilitator helping leaders build kick-butt teams that actually like working together. She is passionate about empowering others to do things a little differently to enhance performance, creativity, engagement, productivity, and their lives. This recipe consists of strength based coaching, expanding leadership capacity and strategic thinking to empower clients to set, hit and exceed milestones. With a background in marketing, communications, and business + executive coaching working with 500+ businesses, Laraeā€™s high-impact, high-energy content will leave you with thought-provoking, actionable tools.

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