Meagan Saum

Meagan Saum

Women Inspiriter & Resilience Coach

New Confident You- Get UnStuck & Conquer Your Fears

Meagan Saum is an Inspiriter – one who enlivens, instills and encourages life and energy in others as she embodies and holds space for them to find courage, strength and purpose. These personal attributes are the foundation for the Resilience Coaching Meagan provides to her clients.

Resilience Coaching is a deeply compassionate, experiential, integrative and highly-effective approach to self-development. It provides transformation for motivated women who suffer from being anxious, overwhelmed, under-confident and ‘STUCK’ in an unsatisfied place in their life.

“I would love to show you fear-reducing, life enhancing methods of re-connection to the nature that lives inside us all. There is something so special about seeing my clients dance to their soul’s desire and live each moment at a time in the life of their dreams.”

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