Meagan Saum

Meagan Saum

Women Inspiriter & Resilience Coach

Thriving v.s. Surviving

Get to the real reasons of why you might be holding back and kick them to the curb!


Are you holding yourself back from living your fullest potential?


Do you feel you need more understanding of the things that keep sabotaging your success whether that be in business, relationships or lifestyle?


Are you ready to learn how to switch your mindset from a survival one that always sees the things that could go wrong to a thrive mindset that takes heart in busting through glass ceilings?


In this workshop, emotional wellness and resilience coach Meagan Saum explores how the foundation of our mindset ultimately defines our beliefs and actions and how changing your mindset method is a powerful avenue to living your next level lifestyle.


About Meagan:

Meagan is a momma of 3 spirited kiddos, a wife and owner of Silver Valley Ranch just outside of Airdrie, AB Canada. She loves anything nature based, all furry animals, hiking and reading a great book!

She has been called an Inspiriter, someone who enlivens, instills & encourages new found awareness, courage, belief & purpose in the personal & professional lives of her clients.

Through holistic, deeply compassionate, integrative mind-body focused coaching & programming incorporating mindfulness centred somatic counseling techniques, equine facilitated wellness, solution focused coaching & therapeutic yoga practice she aims to support, prevent & help individuals overcome negative beliefs & behaviour patterns in their personal lives, relationships and careers.

You may want to work with Meagan if you are experiencing anxiety, stress overload, disempowerment, low self confidence/body image, emotional disregulation, feelings of being STUCK & the impact from trauma and unhealthy relationships.

She is also a motivational speaker, workshop, yoga class and retreat leader & facilitates positive power, ethics with heart & leadership development programs to groups, agencies & organizations either at their location or at Silver Valley Ranch with our herd!

Find her here: meagansaum.comFacebook Instagram  |  YouTube  |  Email