Megan Moore

Megan Moore

CEO, Hello Life Academy

How to grow your audience both online and offline with collaborations!

I love teaching women how to find collaborations that will help recharge them both in their life and business. In this workshop I will show women how to find collaborations that will expand and recharge their business as well as what to do before, during and after that collaborating to make sure it’s successful. Nothing gives you a little pep in your step like reaching more people online and offline through collaborations. I will have a digital workbook they can follow and encourage the participants who are at the event to begin brainstorming how they can collaborate after the RWIB.

About Megan:

Megan Moore is a creative entrepreneur, marketing expert. Through her popular website www.hellolifeacademy,com she reaches thousands of female entrepreneurs from all over the world. She supports them through online classes, courses, & programs that help show women how to succeed at business and life.

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