Ramona Kossowan

Ramona Kossowan

Special Guest

How Does Self-care Fit Into Business?



Ramona Kossowan created her business “Healthy Fit” to embody the lifestyle she and enjoys and inspires other women and men to follow her example and care for their health as their greatest asset.

Healthy Fit’s studio is located in Crossfield where Ramona coaches clients with fitness training in small groups and one on one. Ramona has expanded her business to provide women with personal training and holistic health consulting services right in their own home with the Healthy Fit app.  She appreciates the way technology can support her clients anywhere they are. She is literally with them every step of the way via the Healthy Fit app.

Ramona actively promotes being “Fit over Forty” and embraces a whole health approach to wellness.

She specializes in both personal and online fitness training, healthy weight loss coaching, and health transformation through holistic programs that focus on the root of women’s health.

She is passionate about empowering women to achieve their potential as the most vital, balanced and youthful version of themselves.

Ramona is joining us at the conference as a Special Guest with a 5-minute stretch followed by 8-minute talk on “How Does Self Care Fit into Business.”

Ramona’s message:

“You can have a life, a family, a business and thriving health.  My passion is to coach you to that experience.”


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