Sarah Golby

Sarah Golby

Keynote Speaker

Cut the Noise: Quiet Distraction to Unlock Limitless Potential

Running a business comes with its own special set of distractions, and they all seem to be urgent and important – there are always tasks and people demanding your attention.

Through this talk Sarah will help you clear the noise and identify what is really key to get you moving toward your vision for your business. Get present, identify the purpose of your organization, and take focussed action to tap in to that potential you know you have.

About Sarah:

Sarah Golby is a transformational coach and international speaker hailing from rural Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about helping people explore the wild places still left in the world and themselves. She is best known for showing people how to become the heroes of their own story through mastery of Purpose, Presence and Play at her annual event, Return to Wild. She also serves as the founder of Journal Club, where she teaches people tools, tricks, and techniques to calibrate their day-to-day lives to achieving their goals through the practice of journaling.

Sarah will show you how a journal can serve for ongoing self-inventory and reflection, gaining clarity, overcoming blocks and developing powerful habits to create reality around the visions you have rattling around in your head. By walking you through the work, she will help you create discipline and the attitude that every experience in life is a powerful lesson to be explored.

In her downtime, when she isn’t attempting things far outside her comfort zone Sarah can usually be found dancing through the house with paint on her fingers, hiking, or raising a really great looking cow.

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