Sarah Kirkpatrick

Sarah Kirkpatrick

Jumping Elephant

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Social media manager, copywriter, public speaker, and owner of Jumping Elephant and Elephant’s Remark

Jumping Elephant is a fully integrated digital marketing company specializing in Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media Management, and Content Writing

Before starting Jumping Elephant, she worked with clients in advertising agencies across Canada – spanning from Vancouver to Toronto. And that is how she found that social media was one of the best platforms for small businesses to compete head-to-head with ‘the big guys’.

She has received certificates in Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Management, a Youth Leadership diploma, and a degree in Creative Advertising majoring in copywriting – from various institutions around Canada.

Not only is she an academic and devoted worker, she is a world traveler.

…She labels herself as a creative writer, deep thinker, and motivated entrepreneur.

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Facebook: @JumpingElephantSocialMedia
Instagram: @JESocialMedia