Suzy Rounce

Suzy Rounce

Switchback Creative


5 Keys to Building a Tribe of Loyal Buying Customers

Creating Raving Fans for your Business


Don’t waste your marketing dollars anymore! The best way to ensure you are creating the tribe of people around your business who love what you have to offer is to tap into what makes them tick. This workshop will help you learn how to engage with your customers on a deeper level and create specific actions to drive them to you, longterm .


About Suzy:

I’m a graphic designer by craft and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m passionate about many things but these top my list: all things beautiful in design (of course), ingenuity in packaging of any kind, killer food and mountain biking. Each of these fuel my creative and energetic personality and provide an outlet to keep me growing while staying focused.

Being a visual communicator allows me to research and get to know companies intimately from both a strategic and creative perspective. My 17 years of experience working with small businesses, home developers, executives, and local arts and culture organizations has taught me a lot about what matters to business owners and how to create the biggest impact based on their goals.

Great companies are built with a sense of adventure coupled with passion, transparency, curiosity and a healthy dash of bravery.

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