Suzy Rounce

Suzy Rounce

Switchback Creative

The Marketing Compass Hands-On Workshop

Suzy Rounce is part of the¬†vibrant and exceptional husband + wife team behind Switchback Creative. Switchback Creative is a Print + Web Design company out of Airdrie, AB. They are brand storytellers who “… craft print +web designs that will create a community of loyal customers for your business.” They handle all aspects of print and web design including Marketing & Strategy, Branding & Identity, and beyond.

“Being a visual communicator allows me to research and get to know companies intimately from both a strategic and creative perspective. My 15 years of experience working with small businesses, home developers, executives, and local arts and culture organizations has taught me a lot about what matters to business owners and how to create the biggest impact based on their goals.”

Suzy will be presenting- The Marketing Compass Hands-on Workshop! 

Participants will use the idea of map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along unfamiliar marketing territory. Blue sky thinking and high-level planning put marketing ideas into place, setting the roadmap for activation in your business.

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Facebook: @switchbackcreative
Instagram: @switchback4ever