Tara Pickford

Tara Pickford

President, Ambition Performing Arts Inc, Confidanz Designs Corp, Pickford Consulting

Hit by a Bus: Living Operations Manuals

Don’t get caught with your business stuck in your head. Join me for some tools and steps for how to make your business a legacy that can live on without you. Tara Pickford, international speaker, has the steps and tools to help get you to a place where your business can operate with or without you, because it is not “if” it will happen, it is when it happens.

About Tara:

Tara Pickford, an international speaker, is sharing her story of how she rose from the ashes of her failing dance studio business to being a community expert and visionary in the dance field. Now poised as a serial entrepreneur, she is sharing details from deep in the trenches of her Dance Studio, Costume and Promotions Business as well as her Consulting Business.  Tara will be sharing the grit, grind and gratitude lessons learned along the way as she worked on becoming a community visionary raising tomorrow’s leaders through the arts.

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